Who are you?

Some people call me too idealistic, some people say I had a profound impact on their life. I like to think of myself as a regular guy who is obsessed with people and who hates to see wasted potential. A word of advice, take everything I say with a pinch of salt. Thats right … I want you to think for yourself and not blindly follow someone just because they say something. If you like what I say, fine, if you don’t, it’s fine, honestly.

Why did you start this?

Out of my own frustration.

Day in and out, I see a lot of men drifting along without a sense of direction, not knowing their own dreams and desires, and generally feeling lost. Frankly, it saddens me to see  people waste their time and potential. I have been there myself and I know what it feels like, to be comfortable, to be scared, or just simply feel lost. But it got to a point where enough was enough. I realised I have a passion that was plenty to drive me, and to give to others.

And finally, here it is – Man with Purpose – my own little creation, and hopefully contribution to the world. It’s a platform for men to discover their own path. From my own experience, I firmly believe that a man with a purpose, is a man who lives a happy and fulfilled life, and is able to achieve anything he sets his mind to, thus creating his own legacy and positive impact in the world.

So what is Man with Purpose all about?

I really resonate with a quote by Daniel Priestley “Environment Dictates Performance” I am a big believer that the people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on you and your results. Man with Purpose was created with the intention of building a thriving community of authentic men, on their purpose, doing work that matters. The ultimate goal is to start a movement.

A future in which we have found and do what we are passionate about. 

We collectively help each other as a community, thus creating a snowball effect of contribution, passion and purpose.

We seek not to arrive at the end with the pain of regret, or feeling exhausted by constantly failing to fulfil our dreams. Instead, we wake up, act and be, every day, with the knowing that we have given it all to live a much bigger life than just our own. And at the end of the day, we have become the best version of ourselves, leaving behind a legacy that elevates human consciousness and a positive footprint on humankind.

Why only Men?

Good question, I get this all the time! I genuinely believe that the world would be a very grim place without women … fuck, that would be beyond imaginable! I have a deep appreciation, love and the utmost respect for women and the feminine. In fact I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for a very special woman in my life, to whom I owe a great deal – my mother. The simple answer is that I am very passionate about the topic of manhood and living with your deepest purpose, because of my personal experiences. I feel confident to speak about the subject and I hope, that other men can relate to parts, if not all of this in their own personal journeys.

What I don’t want Man with Purpose to be

This isn’t about mental masturbation, inspiration without behaviour change or information overload. Having been through all 3 of these phases, I can tell you first hand, the thing I learned is that this just extends the procrastinating the difficult decisions we have to make. I believe that we as men thrive in difficulty and challenges, this is how we forge our character. 

What if I want to contact you?

Go ahead, drop me a message, I will be sure to reply.