Let’s face it, you won’t find your what you are really passionate about, by sitting on your couch playing video games (well, unless you want to become a Pro Gamer).

When I ask men about their purpose or why they aren’t working on getting more clarity, they immediately get in defence mode – “but I have a full time job, I have to commute for a whole hour, I am too busy man, not enough time, Im too tired man … sounds familiar?”

Indeed, the old “I am too busy” trap is a common pitfall, most of us fall into.

It is OK. I have been there myself … for a good 23 years! Sounds scary when I think about it, but I had no sense of who I was or what I wanted to do until 4 years ago when I really started asking myself these questions, and naturally when you are being drawn to something you make time for it, you sleep quicker.

I am not reinventing the wheel here, when I say that everyone has the same amount of time – Millionaires and Billionaires included.

In my final year of university, I had to juggle a part time job, apprenticeship, building a drop shipping business, full time university and spending time with my girlfriend with whom I was in a long term relationship at the time … In retrospect, having all of that on my plate wasn’t a recipe for success and I am certainly not suggesting you should have to be as intense as I was back then …

The reason why I am sharing this with you is, because I wish that voice inside of you to realize that if something is truly important,then you create time for it. Time will pass anyway, whether you make something with it is entirely your choice.

So, what do I mean by 240 hours? Lets look at the numbers for a moment here.

A month has 30 days.

Every day has 24 hours, which means, you have a total of 720 hours in a month.

The average person would work for 8 hours, and sleep for another 8 hours (this is about 2/3rd of that time). That leaves you with a good 240 hours of productive time in a month*.

*Im not even counting weekends as time off.

240 hours! Can you think of anything you can do to get more clarity around your purpose in this amount of time, or perhaps learn a new skill?

Let’s take books for example. There are some pretty great reads out there, which I believe can be a great start if you are feeling lost and want to get more clarity around your purpose or passion.

An average reader would read with a pace of about 300 words per minute, (and I am not even talking if you are a quick reader or you use speed reading techniques).

That means you can read about 18,000 words in an hour.

If we say that an average book has 250 pages, each containing 300 words per page,  that means you can go through about 60 pages in an hour.

To total everything up, if you were to read an average 1 hour per day, for 30 days, you can read 7 new books (7books x 250 = 1750 pages) If you read at the speed of 60 pages per day x 30 days = 1800 pages)

This with only 1 hour per day. Imagine how much more can do if you set aside 2 or even 3 hours of laser focus work. And I am not even talking about other forms of consuming information – like podcasts or audio books, which you do as secondary activity, when you are exercising or commuting to work for example.

The problem is that we always think it will take longer, and the reason for that is that we rarely allow ourselves to focus on one thing.

In an age where we are constantly bombarded with push notifications, instant gratification and seamlessly never-ending crave for dopamine hits (ie “Likes” or page views), our attention span resembles that of a goldfish.

The question then becomes – How do I become consistent for 30 days so I can utilize this time?

Here is one way of doing it …

Consistency always beats intensity

Have you ever had those short bursts of energy and enthusiasms and for a brief moment, you can see the entire picture … everything is clear to you, you are in flow … it’s almost like you were given a superpower.

This experience is very familiar to me. Often times I would become hyper active (usually around midnight or early mornings) and start jotting down crazy ideas on paper, only to wake up the next day as if the whole thing was just a dream state … like the character from the movie Limitless, Eddie Morra, just after the effects of the NZT-48 have faded away.

After going through this sudden burst of energy multiple times, with little or no substantial change. So one day, as I was on my way to the gym,  I got an “Aha” moment.

It is far easier to manage my environment, than to manage myself.

Indeed, when I am by myself it takes me huge amounts of energy and will power to not get distracted or sidelined by someone seeking my time or attention.

There has to be some kind of mechanism in place, which would almost guarantee consistency and therefore make my results inevitable.

Let me share this with you …

I am talking about accountability – the close circle of people around you, that just refuse to let you down. The people who really believe in you and want to see you succeed.

Indeed, this can be incredibly powerful. In order to make it work, you need to set some conditions in place. In other words, something that will be motivating enough to push you to achieve your goal.

It can be associated to both pain and pleasure. I am not talking about physical pain here, I am talking about an experience that will push you outside of your comfort zone, but as a result you will learn something (ie approach that beautiful girl, make that cold call etc). Money was a great motivator for me – knowing that you have to give away £100 to your friend was enough for me to pick myself up and follow up with what I said I’d do.

The other side of the coin is pleasure – For example, treating myself to _____ (fill in the gap)

From my personal experience, I am much better at doing the work if I am held accountable, not just because of the consequences attached to me not completing it, but because I can’t live with myself if I let my friends down.

So, my question to you – What can you do for 240 hours?

Drop me a message in the comments, I’m here to help.


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