How My Journey Began

My Mission

Simply put, it’s to transform lives. My name is Pav Nikolov and for the last 8+ years I’ve been on a journey of self discovery. I have a deep passion for guiding men to take the inner journey deep into themselves, to slay their dragons, connect back to the earth, back to who they truly are, so they can live a purposeful life and lead from their heart.

I got originally into personal development and in men’s work in particular, because of (you guessed it) a woman. I fell in love, and I quickly realised there was something missing on a fundamental level and if I was to keep this person in my life, I had to rise to the challenge and look within.

I started looking for ways to become better with women as I thought this was my problem … but that was only the symptom. I started researching “How to become an Alpha Male” which lead me to discover Pick Up and the so called Pick up Artists (PUA). And whilst the latter has it place and these techniques do work, it’s manipulative nature, quickly became obvious to me and I naturally drifted away from that. But the questions at a deeper level remained unanswered.

So I started learning more about how to become a better man, and in the process I started healing my own wounds an integrating my shadow. This is how Man with Purpose was born. Through many trials and tribulations I discovered the field of men’s work around 3 years ago. I started leading men circles in Thailand and in the UK.

Today, I am still on my own journey learning and growing every day. Below are some of the modalities I have trained and have experience with:

  • NLP & Coaching under James Hutchinson in London, UK
  • Bio Energetics under Devaraj Sandberg (ongoing)
  • Men’s work with Maniphesto and SacredSons (ongoing)


I take a no BS approach and promise to show up without judgement and guide you on your journey to reconnecting with your deeper self.

Lets Connect

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